About Us


Oasis Industries is an organisation that consists of specialist in various areas of international business. The partners in the company are experts in fields like International Commercial Law, Marketing, Sales and Logistics. We have a formidable team that has been put together to serve the requirements of our customers.



Oasis Industries focuses on selling, buying & trading of ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as steel scrap (HMS1 & 2), used rail, aluminium, copper.

There are also other areas that Oasis Industries has developed a trading history in such as cement and food commodities.  



Oasis Industries is situated in the Hart of England and from where the global trade is operated. Oasis Industries has affiliates and partners in North and Latin America, UK, Holland, various countries in Africa.  



The team of people at Oasis Industries have more than 10 years of experience in international trading. They have come from various different backgrounds and have combined their expertise and experience to create a dynamic and reliable organisation. Our customers enjoy the best possible advice from our experts.

Core Values

Oasis Industries beliefs in professionalism and customer services above anything else. This has resulted in many fruitful relationships and a large database of satisfied customers. Our focussed approach is highly rated by our customers.



Our Customers

The customers that deal with Oasis Industries are situated in various parts of the world. Oasis Industries is committed to supply the needs of these different areas globally. Our clients are usually bulk buyers and sellers of steel, HMS1, HMS2, cement and food commodities such as rice and wheat.